Masha & Justin : Mount Snow Vermont : Part Two

There are all sorts of sayings about rain on your wedding day.  I actually LOVE a little rain.  Now, I'm not talking about buckets of water falling from the sky, but a nice shower or two brings light softening clouds and puts a shine on everything.  However, it became clear as the day progressed that the skies had more than just a few showers planned.  Masha and Justin managed to get in their vows just as the scarier clouds were moving in.  Shortly the rumbling grew louder and the rain began to fall.  And as the lightening streaked above the mountains,  Masha and Justin danced and celebrated with all their friends and family safely inside . . . though they did brave the storm to sneak out for a photo. So lovely! 

Congratulations Masha and Justin and thank you so much for having me there with you!