Masha & Justin : Engagement Session : Burlington, VT

Boy were these guys troopers!  We picked the coldest day of the winter to have an engagement session. Knowing our fingers and toes may not be able to last too long I proposed we do a little "brewery tour."  Why freeze your butt off outside when you can sit cozily with the one you love, sipping some of the best micro-brew Vermont has to offer?!  I'm SO SMART! Well, apparently I wasn't the only one with this brilliant idea.  As we approached Zero Gravity, the parking lot was full.  It was a holiday weekend, one of the busiest ski weekends of the year, but since the temperatures were so frigid it seemed EVERYONE came off mountain and decided to hit the brewpubs.  New York and Massachusetts plates as far as the eye could see. Switchback and Citizen Cider were more of the same.   So after a quick one at a very packed Zero Gravity we braved the temps and I chauffeured Justin and Masha around to a few choice spots.  They were so cute, keeping each other warm and full of smiles. Thanks guys!  Next August should be a little toastier. :)