Abby & Aaron : Winter Wedding : Inn at Manchester & Stratton, VT

Winter weddings are a treat here in Vermont!  They do have their challenges with cold temperatures and short-lived daylight.  But it's all worth it to enjoy the soft haze, cozy fires and twinkle lights.  Abby and Aaron planned a lovely January wedding and from the moment I arrived it was clear that it was truly a special event.  It's not unusual for me to shed a tear at the weddings I shoot, but these guys had me choked up all day.  Abby putting on her mother's vail, the heartfelt handwritten vows, and toasts by those closest to them . . . I swear by the end of the evening I had no mascara left!  It was an honor to be a part of this day and  to get to meet all the wonderful people that helped them usher in their new era.  Thanks so much Abby and Aaron for having us!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!