Beckerts : Growing Family : Burlington, VT

So hello there blog! Wow, it's been a while.  After all the holiday festivities there was so much to do, and  I feel terrible that I've been neglecting this little part of the internet.  But luckily I have a bunch to share! 

First, let's go back a bit in time.  I realized never shared Part 2 of the Beckerts !  (see Part One here). 

Little Adrienne arrived, all pink and perfect,  and we completed our collaboration with another shoot, this one all cozy and at home.  Baby girl received cuddles from very attentive, if not exuberant big brothers.   It's been a few months (evidenced by the pumpkins!)  and now in February little A is already getting so big!  So this post is a walk down memory lane.  ((Sigh)) these early times are so fleeting.  So glad I was able to capture them for such an amazing family.  Thank you Beckerts!!