Liz & Gabe : Engagement : Burlington,

Oh my, it's been so very cold here in Vermont. Seriously cold.  High of -4?  This is the kind of cold that is measured in minutes, rather than degrees.  Below a certain temperature numbers on the thermometer have no meaning.  The only changing characteristic of the cold is how long it takes for the snot to freeze to the inside of your nostril. Or in my case, for my thighs to go completely numb while walking Sam to school.

Note to self:  get a longer coat.

But luckily, the weather gods obliged us with temps above zero this Saturday!  Just perfect for a chance to meet up with Liz and Gabe.  When discussing the location to converge, Liz offered up Flatbread.  Not only is it a cozy wood burning pizzeria, perfect for a chilly winter day, but it was the location of her first date with Gabe!  7 years ago TO THE DAY?!  So happy we could celebrate the occasion by getting a few nice images while drinking beer and hot chocolate (the best of all worlds!).  I'm stoked for their wedding in June.  First of all,  it's at an Alpaca farm.  My brain is abuzz trying to figure out how to best incorporate  adorable half camel half teddy bear creatures.   And when I do figure it out,  I don't have to worry about them being game for my crazy ideas. Anyone willing to brave the wind chills for waterfront pics in January are down for anything.   Can't wait!!