Munkres : Family : Burlington, VT

This season has been so full of great family sessions.  As we creep up to the holidays, time is so limited that it may seem impossible to fit in photos on top of all the other stuff you have to get done.  People forget sometimes that they take their kids out of school for not-so-fun stuff like doctors and dentists.  An hour out of school for a shot in the arm, why not for a shot of their cute little face?! Well worth it don't you think?  And you can leave your weekend for the shopping!

This lovely family shoot was a weekday morning.  I roll into work a bit early, and they roll in a bit late. And honestly, I would have kept Amelia from school all day if I could, just to keep taking photos of her. Those shining brown eyes peeking out from behind her stylish bob . . . perfection! Thank you Munkreses!