Circus Smirkus Residential Program

I can't tell you how excited I was when I was asked to photograph the residential program for Circus Smirkus.  Vermonters (as well as New England at large) may be familiar with Circus Smirkus from the youth troupe that hops from town to town entertaining the summer masses.  What some may not know about is that Circus Smirkus also has a residency program.  The program sends circus veterans into schools to share and teach their magic.  Children learn a variety of skills using their bodies and minds to tackle new and fun challenges.  It was so rewarding to watch the confidence build in a kid who after many tries,  finally mastered a difficult trick.   And at the conclusion, the kids get to perform and show off their newly acquired circus talents. So fun!

I've varied my crops in the photos below to show how versatile photos can be for a corporate client.  Whether to be shared for editorial stories, used in marketing materials or banners on a website, a nice image goes a long way.  Hope you enjoy these smiling faces as much as I did. And don't forget to check out

Circus Smirkus Residencies

for your kids school, I know I'll be advocating for one at mine!