Lyons Family : Mini Shoot : Burlington, VT

Mini shoot?  What the heck is that?  Well, as I'm sure many of you can relate,  not everyone has the time or inclination to schedule a full shoot.  And this time of year, most available shoot times would require taking the kids out of school for the morning, (not that they would mind though, right?! And the promise of some hot cocoa from the Chocolate Factory and hey, it's a TREAT to have your photo taken!  Email me, there is still time before xmas!!)  So one solution is the mini shoot.  It's the same as my normal shoots, but shorter and on location near my house :)  Basically the same rules apply, but cut everything in half.  The shoot time (typically 20-30 minutes), the cost ($200 weekend, $150 weekday) and the number of digital files (5 fave high resolution jpegs!)  AND you must come to the south end of Burlington.  Either meet me at Callahan park or if you live in the hood, I can come to you!

Not the full fun of a standard shoot, but I can promise just enough beautiful images to make Grandma swoon and distant friends sigh with the sight of your gorgeous children.

I just did a mini shoot for this awesome family.   Sam is in the same first grade class as their youngest son and they live right around the corner.  Since this was an after school shoot, I had the LaMonde boys in tow,  but luckily a bit of TV was enough to keep them engrossed while I was outside with the Lyons crew of kids

(Wait, did I just admit to using the idiot box as a babysitter . . . please don't judge me.)

You have to just love the dynamic of older brothers and little sis.  Brothers can be rough and tumble. Believe me, I know.  It was weird having conflicting instincts when they came to blows.  The mom of Sam and Joe would snap "Hey guys! Knock it off!" But these guys were arguing over who gets to hold their baby sister? So freakin' cute.  Well alright then, let's see who loves her more!

(totally kidding)