Osmonds : Family : Burlington, VT

 'Tis the season for family photos!  As soon as the bite enters the air and the leaves begin their transition into autumn glory, the phone starts ringing.  Or rather, the email starts dinging?  Sometimes they're neighbors, as I have a neighborhood special, because it's the neighborly thing to do, and because we're the best looking neighborhood in Burlington.  We had a short shoot at Oakledge because they had somewhere to be.  And oops!  I probably should have been there too.  "Curriculum Night" at the school.  I'm been a little slow getting used to having a kid in "big kid" school.  Honestly, there are so many papers and handouts I get a bit overwhelmed.   Time for a bulletin board perhaps. Well, as you can see we had plenty of time to capture some smiles and loveliness by the lake.   I was afraid I wouldn't be able to share before my own gang heads down to the Outer Banks for our vacation, but here's a little taste.  Really great kids.  So fun!

See you in a week!