Heather & Adam : Stratton Vermont Wedding

Everyone knows what they say about rain on your wedding day. Having traveled across the country from San Francisco, a city known for a hazy disposition of its own, it seemed somehow fitting that Heather and Adam's day was enveloped by an ethereal mist.  As the Green Mountains reached up into the clouds and the Vermont summer was coated with shine, you couldn't help but feel a bit cozy.  All the girls were collected in Heather's room, in different stages of readiness, laughing and reminiscing while helping Heather prepare for meeting Adam at the alter.  The Boys too gathered, laughing, sharing toasts and snapping their suspenders.   The surrounding clouds provided an intimacy, gathering everyone up, obscuring any distraction from the reason they were all collected in this place.  Sometimes that old saying about rain on your wedding day comes across as a consolation. But honestly, from someone who has shot weddings in all sorts of weather, there is a charm that only a summer rain can provide. And that is a luck all in itself.  Soft light, glistening drops and love make for a beautiful day.  And what a beautiful day it was. 

I'd like to thank the talented Elizabeth Henry-Hooker for coming along as second shooter.  She is awesome. 

Now enjoy, and stay tuned for Part 2!