Well, looky here.  It's my blog! Yeah, I've been a bit absent.  Not because I'm not busy, quite the contrary.  You can see all the wedding loveliness over on the the Two House Photo blog.  We've had a great start to our season, and we have some great ones to come, so stay tuned!  But in between the nuptials there have been a few personal projects here and there.  And there is one in particular I wanted to share. 

My friend and neighbor Cyndi took a leap of faith last year and opened up a cloth diaper business. Thinking about where we live, it seemed as though our community could support such a venture.  But, you never really know.  Her bravery and determination was an inspiration,  filling a void for our little corner of the country.  And I'm proud to say that a year later Smarty Pants Diaper Service is still going strong, delivering soft organic diapers to baby bums all over Chittenden County. 

To kick off her adventure, a year ago we created this video.  Adorable!  It turned out so well, it got the gears turning for another.  Cyndi proposed a grander vision.  Document a year.  On her drives she sees so many beautiful parts of Vermont, scenes that she wanted to capture.  For this reason, she has been sharing her photography with her clients.  But how about a video?  I was stoked.  Cyndi began capturing footage here and there, and I was able to make it along for deliveries.  We made sure to capture the seasons (our winter was a bit of a nail biter. . . we envisioned more snow!).  After a year, we had a nice collection and last week I edited the last little bit.  

And here it is.  Enjoy!