The Browns : Family : Burlington, VT

Babysitters are a luxury we can only afford now and then.  I keep thinking I need more shoots to bankroll my  ability to leave the house with my husband... after 8pm...together.  Something I value a ton.  Almost as much as I value the photos I've collected of my family.  I'm lucky I can do most of the heavy lifting in that department.  I wish nice family photos weren't such a luxury for so many people.  Hey, I think I have an idea...

The Browns (in particularly Sara) is the first client I've shot that has enrolled in the Sit for a Shoot program!  It's not very complicated.  A certain number of babysitting hours gets you a family photoshoot.  On location even.  We spent the later portion of Sunday afternoon at Shelburne Orchards.  Apple blossoms, dandelions and 3 adorable children. What else could you possible need?

Thank you Sara!  I only hope these photos will be worth having to go into the "boy bathroom" to brush teeth with Sam and Joe.