Noah: Newborn : Burlington, VT

With lasagna in one hand and camera in the other I arrived at the house of some dear friends on a sleety Saturday.  Food and photos, what more could new parents want?!  Well, perhaps sleep would be nice, but I'll let the grandparents help out with that.  As I walked in,  the wet chill was immediately melted away by this little guy. Oh my.  I know I say I'm done with babies,  and I'm almost positive I am, but little ones like this make me think again.  Of course, as long as I can show up at peoples houses when they have them all new and fuzzy with their baby smell and tiny grunts (I could go on and on with all the wonderfulness that is newborness), and I can hold them and bounce... maybe that will be just enough.   Maybe.  Hm, how many newborn sessions do I have on the books?

Congratulations Matt & Heather!  He is perfect.

Note: By "done with babies" I mean having babies, not photographing them. I will always be up for photographing them! ( just not pushing them out of my body ).