The VanMullens : Family : South Burlington, VT

I was happy to spend the afternoon with the VanMullen family, one of my personally favorite families.  Because everyone knows that families with two boys are the coolest.  And ones born in October and December,  are even cooler...

If you haven't guess it, these two guys are the exact same age as mine. And by exact, I mean, like less than a week apart...both of them! So strange to be in someone else's house with the exact same dynamic going on.  To see how similar, or even more interestingly, how completely different it is.  For instance, where are all the shoes!?  My house is covered in rain boots, sneakers, and now the snow boots are coming out.  I am not used to navigating without avoiding the  little rubber soled floor mines. I suspect some of it has to do with their ginormous mudroom closet.  Why didn't I take any photos in there?!  

((sigh)). I heart that closet.