Megan : Senior Portrait Session : Burlington, VT

Senior shoots.  I so wish there was such a thing when I was in high school.  Where I grew up, we all showed up at the gym,  waited in line so a photographer could lead us to a stool placed in front of a big backdrop of fake clouds. Once they lay the black sash/shawl thingy across your chest...




That was it.

I wish I had a copy to share...I don't.  That's how awesome that photo turned out.  (I won't even go into the Glamour Shot nightmare that followed. My mom still claims to love those photos.  I just pray my children never see them).

But with a "shoot" you get so much more than a snap shot.  A collection of photos capturing that youth...or rather that merging of youth and adulthood.   Just as the whole world is opening up, to freeze those last bits of childhood. When the apron strings are thread bare, just about to give and release you into the "real world."   Full of dreams and fears. Excitement and anxiety.  A time before the grey hairs and baby weight.  When skinny jeans might have actually been doable.  I mean, THAT is something to document.  (okay, I'm not sure skinny jeans were EVER doable for me, but I must say I at least exposed my upper arms now and then).

Such are things I think about when I get to hang out with my seniors.  I love hearing about their plans, their bits of drama.  I mused with Megan about heading to school in the city next year, while marveling at her fresh freckles and coveting her earrings.  I need more shoots like keep me young.