destination anniversaries...bonus!

Because Vermont is such a huge "destination wedding" site, so many of the couples I get to photograph come from somewhere else.  Most people can't imagine how hard it is to plan and execute a wedding from afar. Luckily, I can relate...because I did it too!

A decade ago I was working for an aerospace company in Connecticut and planning my North Carolina wedding...mostly via fax machine.  Seriously, you guys don't know how good you have it with the internet.  Oh sure, the internet existed, but it was not the well oiled machine it is today., no.  Hell, social media in general was pretty unheard of... unless you count Friendster.  Logistical challenges aside, it was perfect.  My favorite seaside with all my favorite people;  declaring my love and commitment to the man who is now the father of my two amazing boys.  It was heaven.  And the cool thing about a destination wedding?  You always have an excuse to go back!

A couple weeks ago it was our 10 year anniversary. So we loaded everyone up and drove 15 hours to the Outer Banks.  And just like it always is...heaven.

I am so proud to be married to this man. I can't wait to go back and celebrate the day we became a family over and over again.