Maura & Nathan : Sugarbush Resort : Wedding (Part Two)

Yay!  I wanted to get the fun photos up before the weekend, and phew! just made it.  It is always so hard to choose from the Part 2 pics...which ones to share, hm.  I narrowed it down and I think you get a nice sense of how lovely Maura and Nathan's shindig was.  In snowboarding lingo, it ended up being a blue bird day on the mountain. Just look at that sky.  And  happy to see that although I don't have any photos of Spencer actually looking at me (I've never had a dog not respond to my "hey dog! look at me" noises...I know, many talents)  I did get one of him looking rather regal and proud.  And I also realized that Nathan and Maura mimmic my husband and I in our Ben & Jerry's choices.  I am a strictly Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Jay is a Strawberry Cheesecake.  It has proven to be a winning combination in my house, so I can only hope it brings the newlyweds many many years of similar happiness.  Congratulations again guys!  It was a pleasure.