Fireworks : July 3 : Burlington, VT

My husband and I took our boys to see their very first fireworks last night.   It had been the first time I had seen fireworks in quite a while as well,  so of course I lugged along my tripod.  I found myself being more drawn to the foreground, getting the people as they looked on at the display. Makes for a more emotional, interesting image I think.  Already taking notes on what worked and what didn't for next year.  #1 on my list is getting a good remote portrait in silhouette to explosions! I think I can make it work? And after all,  it's nice to be in a picture too now and then.

Oh, and by the way,  HUGE hit with the guys.  Sam actually walked over to Jay when it was over, threw his arms around him and said "THANK YOU Dad, for bringing us to see the fireworks!"  So damn cute.