Moving Pictures

Not too long ago I started messing with the video function on my camera.  Most DSLRs now have HD video capability, which is pretty cool, though it never really occurred to me to use it too much.  However, just as with the advancement of my still photography, the boys inspired me to get serious and develop more expertise.  I mean, photos of your kids are great, but movies have a quality all their own.  You can hear their little voices, capture those fleeting periods as they master a new skill, watch personalities and relationships in a specific moment in time.  If a photo speaks a 1000 words, a film speaks a million.

The movies started simple, one take, one moment.  Then as I became more familiar with editing and the tools available to me, I started branching out a bit, trying to tell a story.  And I found that I LOVED it.  It's a completely different way to approach a visual subject. And as I added the element of audio, in most cases for me music, editing became an art in and of itself.

After sharing my indulgent home movies with friends I was asked to create my first commercial video.  With social media like Twitter and Facebook, and video sites like YouTube and Vimeo, short films can be a creative and entertaining way to share information.  I jumped at the chance to help my friend Cyndi create a promotional video for her new cloth diaper service, Smarty Pants.  Smarty Pants is not only the brain child of a dear friend, but an idea I can get behind. I hope our little video helps garner support and has the customers lining up!

(I suggest watching at 480p, but you might have to let if buffer for a minute)

If you think your business could benefit from a short film like this, I'd love to hear from you!