Terri Sue & Jeffery : Wedding

It's nice to be back.  Though it was wonderful seeing my sister, there's nothing like the familiar comfort of home. Oh, believe me I enjoyed the mornings of sleeping in and alone time with my brain. And it's always good to have the opportunity to miss the boys a bit.  Makes their adorable smiling faces so much more precious. 

I was down to Tallahassee to help shoot Terri Sue and Jeffery's wedding.  My sister works with the groom's mom, and after hearing they weren't hiring a photographer,  volunteered her services so they could have a little more than just sweet memories of their wedding day.  Having never shot a wedding before she was understandably a bit nervous, so I jumped at the chance to volunteer my services as assistant. Hey, just fly my down! To FLORIDA. All out the kindness of my heart.  Oh no, had nothing to do with leaving the snow, the cold, and the constant bundling of little boys.  Exit 20 degrees, enter 70...never crossed my mind.   

To  help make it possible, the boys got their Grandma all to themselves for a long weekend.  We did a kind of trading places, as she left Florida and headed to Vermont.  Exit Florida sunshine, enter Vermont snow.  Over a foot of it the very next day!   Somehow, I don't think "thank you" quite cuts it.

But as you can see, it was a beautiful affair.  My sister did an awesome job running the show and I was more than happy to snap away as second shooter.  Love was in the air...the warm, sunny, Florida air.