Continuing education

For a second here in Vermont, it actually seemed like Spring. But as it so happens, it's not. Well, technically yesterday was first day of Spring. And technically? it snowed. Winter it seems,  does not own a calendar.

Those few warm days had me thinking ahead to wedding season. Yep, it's right around the corner. Between Two House Photo weddings with my partner Carin and a smattering of solo weddings, looks like the summer is going to be jam packed with love. The sunshine, the pretty dresses, the flowers... all those people, all so happy, and a maybe just a little bit drunk - a perfect recipe for amazing images.

In the "down time" of Vermont winter (come on people?! what's wrong with a January wedding? Sparkly snow crystals, warm fireplaces, horse drawn adventurous!) there's a bit of time to try new things, get creative and learn something.  I've had a few side projects that I'm really excited about, but not ready to share just yet. It's leading to some interesting ideas that I hope to explore more in the coming year. Stay tuned.

One thing I can share is my new camera. Jay got me a Holga for Christmas. For those of you who don't know, a holga is a toy camera that shoots medium format film (think big square negatives). I've been trying to tame the little plastic beast since the first click. It's my first venture into film since I was 17. I'm proud to say that in the past few months I've increased my "yield" per roll. My first roll of 12 photos revealed 2 keepers. The one I just got back? 7. And most importantly, I'm learning what kind of photos the Holga is best utilized for. Certain subjects, distances and overall compositions increase the likelyhood of nice results. Of course, there are no steadfast rules, but experience has taught me quite a bit. Like making sure to take off the lens cap! duh.  Unlike SLRs, the Holga lets you see whether the lens is covered or not. I've had a lot of rolls with only 8 or so exposures. Kinda a waste of money, no?

I'm looking forward to incorporating the holga into some weddings.  A few magical photos to match the magical day. Here are a few of my favorites from the winter. I seem to do better in black and white.  I haven't quite mastered the color.  I've got a roll of color film in my Holga as we speak.  So fingers crossed that I'll have something to share next week.

This last one is actually from my very first roll.  Pure luck, but still one of my favorites.  Of course the subject matter doesn't hurt (my guy Sam...age 4).