Great Harvest Bakery : Business

One of the reasons I love my neighborhood is what's a stone's throw away.  Great pizza joint, a chocolate factory and this place! We visit Great Harvest at least twice a week, taking in the tastes and smells of Sara and Ethan's labor of love.   My boys head to the toys as I get a slice for Sam and a biscotti for Joe.  It's so homey, and no wonder.  It's a true family affair at Great Harvest, with two boys and a baby girl rounding out a stellar staff.  So many faces have become familiar, always smiling and always hard at work. My neighborhood benefits not only from their bakery, but  their family as part of our community as residents in the Five Sisters.  I feel lucky to count Sara and Ethan as friends and neighbors  as well as bakers of my bread.  It's comforting to know you'll always find a warm welcome (and a cream cheese and toffee scone).