Eve : Newborn

When I went to visit my friend Sara today I brought along my camera.  You see, this little angel arrived on Monday night (or perhaps Tuesday morning?!....)  and I have never before turned my lens towards a newborn. But first there was the holding.  She was so sweet and small and full of sighs and chirps.  I loved every second of it while me and Mama got a chance to chat.  I got to see the photos from her birth, which are magical.  Those were taken by another member of our Monday Night knitters, Cyndi.  They are beautiful.  So special to have that captured by someone with a talented eye. There are only 4 of us in our little knitting group, and the fourth I haven't mentioned, is Carin, my partner in Two House photo. I have no doubt she's itchin to get her viewfinder pointed towards this wee little one as well.  Needless to say Eve may end up being one of the most photographed babies on the planet. 

Not having any experience photographing newborns made me a bit nervous.  I wasn't 100% sure what to capture, how to approach it. Eve, being new at everything, was very understanding and patient.  Just look at her.  She even had her eyes open, which if you've ever been around a newborn, is rare.  Sleepy little babies.  Thanks little one.