The Bobbin : Business

There are many things I love about Burlington, this little city that's really just a big town. Vermont is the one place in the Northeast that has felt even a smidgen like Virginia.  It's calmer, slower than the rest of New England.  People are in less of a rush.  And it's not only the roads where it's noticeable (but believe me, there is a HUGE difference driving here than in Massachusetts),  you can see a contemplative approach when it comes to other aspects of life as well.  It's in our food, our homes, our art.  It's this culture that fosters the existence of a place like The Bobbin Sew Bar and Craft Lounge.  Proprietor Gyllian Rae Svensson not only offers repurposed textiles to the crafty among us, but also offers sewing classes, teaching the future of the crafting community and educating in the benefits of "slow fashion."  Her own sustainable and cute creations are also for sale at the Bobbin, along side works from other local designers.  I was there to take interior as well as product shots of some little softies.  I'm sure they'll be gobbled up as soon as the world gets to see them.  Next? Clothing! Some local ladies in some local designs. Love it.