Family : The Causers

With our shoot trimmed down a bit due to cold and blustery weather, I have to admit I was a bit worried about indoor shots with Vermont winter light.  It can be quite hard to capture the warmth and cozy of Vermont winters when available light is so scarce.  But as you can see, cozy it was.   And the sun even decided to come out, allowing us to go outside and capture some flurries with the smiles.  And after venturing back inside, I can't tell you how giddy I was when the music began to play. The kind of shoot I live for.  I can't wait for the call to cash in the rain check (or rather snow check) as there was talk of ice skating.  Yes,  though being a photographer in Vermont beyond the warm seasons can be challenging, it does have it's bonuses. Thank you guys for letting me in your cute purple house, listen to your songs and give you some images I hope you enjoy for years to come!