Owen : Litte Dude

Man, it got cold this weekend.  I was a bit worried about the little guy I was going to meet on Sunday, having to brave the bitterness to let me and my camera invade his personal space.  But as you can see, Owen was totally up for it.  His parents and I had decided Church Street would be a nice place to meander about, and it was great.  We thought, toddler friendly, lots of room, no cars... but another bonus we didn't even think of? DOGS!   Burlington is definitely a dog town and Sunday was no exception.  Owen perked up every time a fluffy creature would walk by.   He even made a few friends.  Here's Owen showing the "Dog Face" that's pretty much standard when little kids meet a friendly pooch...bracing for the lick.  Though I'm thinking this is actually the after lick grimace. 

For the rest of the afternoon Owen gave little barks and yelps to all the puppies we would see.  So darn cute it made me wish my photos had audio.  But the visual I guess will just have to do.