The old is new again.

Let me start off by saying...woo hoo! I got my camera back! Actually, it's not my camera, or at least the one I sent to Nikon. Apparently my camera was pretty sick, so instead of a repair, they just replaced it. Nice! So I won't have to worry about the backfocus issue rearing it's head again...or at least I hope not. That would indicate some serious bad camera jo-jo. Might actually make the switch to Canon if that were to happen.

So, new camera, Yay! All factory default settings, boo. I've been pouring through the menus and settings to get everything the way I like it. I haven't even realized that some of the settings are actual settings. I don't remember changing them, but as I reaquaint myself with my buddy,  things are amiss. Autofocus settings, white balance, picture quality, noise reduction. It's good though. I feel a bit more knowledgable due to the effort.

The D50 has found it's way back to the camera bag and I thank it mightly. It took some nice photos while stepping in.

And I even found her noisy shadows a bit nostaglic and charming. A bit .

 But I've been busy appreciating the work of my now new camera and I must say, I appreciate it even more.

 I have a few things on the horizon in the next month and I'm sure everyone involved is happy I have it.