In Vermont we enjoy well-defined seasons. Each one providing what you would typically expect. In Winter, there is snow (um, lots). In Spring, flowers. Summer, green grass and gardens. Fall, the foliage. And then it starts over again.

As a photographer it's wonderful being surrounded by this constant change. As the temperature and the weather transitions, so does the landscape, the light, the choice in activities, the clothing. All aids in finding fresh new subjects and perspectives...and the inevitable challenge.

One thing I've been trying to conquer in particular during this most hot of summers, is water.

Water can be tricky with the camera, but can also make for very interesting and dramatic photos.

It can reflect light.

add shimmer.

not to mention provide motion and texture.

Maybe at my next shoot, I'll suggest bringing out a sprinkler. Because it's also a wonderful way to end a Summer day.