Testing...testing...This is my first post. Hello? Anyone there? Ok then.

First, my mission. I'm setting up this blog to share my work, talk about photography and let people (clients, friends, strangers) get to know a little bit about me.

So what is there really to say? I've had a blog for a long time. Another blog. Just like I've been taking pictures for a long time. But other kinds of pictures. This blog is new - an evolution. Just like my photography is experiencing an evolution.

I have officially taken on the role of "professional"...gulp. So what exactly does this mean. Well, I suppose at the root, it means I will be accepting payment for taking photos. More importantly, I think it means I am taking my photography little more seriously. That I believe in myself and my talent enough to think that someone I don't know will trust, even PAY me, to capture moments and details of things that are important to them. It really is an honor . To be asked to preserve things that are so precious. Whether it be a wedding, a one year old's birthday, a pet...these are the things, the experiences that make up life. And who wants to be bogged down with a camera, trying to capture it instead of actually experiencing it? So they call me. And I love to do it. Because it really is fun.

Perhaps this view sheds some light on a little selfish motivation of my own. Well, besides the money that is. It's time. I LOVE photography. Like, really love it. As a result, my children, husband, neighbors, are constantly stalked - a lens shoved in their face. No barbecue, hike, walk to the corner is complete without my Nikon. And that leaves me in the background...out of frame. So there is a hope, that if I am able to follow my passion for others, perhaps I will be able to put the camera down, and live more passionately in the moment, as PART of the moment, with those I care about.

That's a nice thought now isn't it. Of course it could also result in me sitting at this computer, looking through photos, tweaking photos, uploading photos, printing photos, blogging photos...which I must admit, I kinda love to do too.